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Trio mixte 2 - Accessoires

Trio mixte 2

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Set the mood with this vegan scented candles trio and indulge in three different olfactory experiences:
AZUR SALIN is a soft breeze brushes our skin, our bare feet touch the warm sand, and the saline air and sun captivate our senses.
Somewhere in between the calming scent of ylang ylang and the velvety aroma of fir tree, we travel to the beach, transported by a delicious and unforeseen harmony.
BLANC BOREALwill carry you to the heart of a dense wintry forest, through an infinitely white landscape sprinkled with hints of dark green.
The ever-rich fir tree fragrance combines with the pure freshness of bergamot. Olibanum unites those two universes and concludes on a sacred and serene note.
HERBE OPALE is an honeysuckle’s fruity bouquet embraces the soil, flowers and herbs, while mounting up towards the moon in contemplation.
This soothing voyage is appeased by a new harmony of rosemary and olibanum, uniting to create a gracious and invigorating fragrance.
Made of essential oils and aromatic oils, coconut wax and wood wicks. Meticulously crafted and hand-poured in Canada, our vegan candles are are designed without parafin or additives and burn without producing any black smoke or soot.

* Ensure that your candle is placed on a heat-safe surface before lighting.
* Do not light candle near flammable objects.
* Do not leave a lit candle unattended.
* Do not leave the candle burning for more than 4 hours at a time.


  • Ingredients

    azur salin : mix of essential oils and aromatic oils. saline mixture, ylang ylang & pink pepper.
    blanc boreal : mix of essential oils and aromatic oils. fir tree, bergamot & olibanum.
    herbe opale : mix of essential oils and aromatic oils. honeysuckle, olibanum & rosemary.
  • Weigth
    510 GR (17.99 OZ)
  • SKU

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