Artistic process

Feeling an urge to create

Blessed with a bountiful creativity, Anne-Marie Chagnon masters many crafts and possesses a unique expertise through which she has succeeded in establishing a distinctive signature.

Her artistic process is complex and profound. She unveils a few secrets.

Getting inspired

To create her collections, Anne-Marie Chagnon draws her inspiration from all that surrounds her. Humanity and its creations. Nature and our interactions with Her.

There is of course the universe of visual arts, from painting to architecture, to photography. Music inspires her a lot. But it's more than that.

By chatting with someone, simply by looking at their style, gestures, postures, the way their hair falls on their shoulders, the artist can have an idea. Perceptions, emotional intelligence and psychology fascinate her just as much.

To collect her thoughts, she composed inspiration boards way before Pinterest was even thought up!

Drawing the first draft

In each collection, an inspiration dominates. For weeks, sometimes even months, the artist sketches, draws, paints. The huge brainstorming allows Anne-Marie Chagnon to explore the ways of her creativity to outline the course that will be hers, towards uncharted territory.

These first drafts are sometimes used as is, sometimes kept safely to be used in another collection, another year. It even happens that some of her drawings or details from her paintings find their way onto the jewellery. A singularly unique mark.

When she puts away pencils, crayons, charcoals, paintbrushes and papers, when ideas have become plans, the artist is ready to take it to the next level.

Sculpting the pieces

When she takes place at her working table, Anne-Marie Chagnon knows exactly where her creation is headed. Before she even starts to work, she knows exactly in which material each piece will come to life. The collection's universe has been shaped in her mind. Her hands instinctively get to work and her talent is exposed.

After having imagined and drawn the dominant pieces that will make the jewellery of the collection, the artist gives them shape through wax models. Through countless hours of wax sculpting, each gesture of the master of art is in symbiosis with her intention.

Once this stage completed, pewter, gold, copper, resin and glass are cast into the shapes imagined and sculpted by Anne-Marie Chagnon to come to life. With her unique pieces, Anne-Marie Chagnon creates inimitable jewellery.

Creating remarkable jewellery

After having sculpted and designed each piece and detailed each texture, Anne-Marie Chagnon composes each color herself. All the decisions taken by the artist allow the materialisation of her vision for the collection she is elaborating.

Once all the pieces have been gathered, creating the jewellery starts! Surrounded with her creation team, the artist jeweller plays and juggles with the pieces, then assembles them to form the jewellery creation that will be included in the collection.

If the pieces are the letters of a fresh alphabet, Anne-Marie Chagnon invents new words every year, the jewellery, to tell an original story, the collection.

That is how she prolongs, year after year, the history of emotions and authenticity she has the privilege to share with materials and with women.

Closing the loop

At the end of the jewellery creation process, Anne-Marie Chagnon swaps her knives, engravers, burners and other sculpting tools for paintbrushes, trowels and acrylic tubes.

This other creative thrust, regenerative, in the world of painting, allows the artist to explore different facets of her bountiful creativity she fells the urge to express.


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