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Anne-Marie Chagnon creates original jewellery for women that distinguish themselves by their independence of spirit. The jewellery she creates indulges the desire of self-expression for the woman who chooses them.

Chiselled pewter, sheer glass, luminous resin, sumptuous 22 carat gold, lustrous copper, shimmering bronze; Anne-Marie Chagnon shapes and sculpts original and exclusive pieces, as contemporary as they are timeless.

Available on five continents, every jewellery is designed, created and crafted in our Montreal studio and workshops, where we oversee all the stages of the company's development, from conception to shipping, including marketing. After more than 20 years in business, we are proud to keep the tradition of crafting superior quality jewellery in Canada.

Our values

Anne-Marie Chagnon's creativity is multidisciplinary, omnipresent and inspiring. The founder, president and artist jeweller succeeded in creating a universe, for herself and the business, where creativity is the first value, that which leads all others. In a studio in constant creative boiling, initiatives emerge.

Collaboration is fundamental to keep work organized and to reach objectives. At all stages, quality is a source of pride. The attention to detail and thoroughness of each employee contributes to consolidate the reputation of Anne-Marie Chagnon jewellery, merging the best traditions of skilled crafts with trends in the fashion world.

The team, close-knit, focused and diversified, works hard and has fun working together, because every member of the team pours their heart into what they do, as Anne-Marie Chagnon creates the jewellery with all of her being.

That is how passion is at the heart of who we are!


The artistic process and creation of the pieces are not the only steps that are made by hand. Once the wax models have been sculpted in the artist's den, assembling the jewellery and ensuring it's quality control is a job well done by experienced jewellery artisans.

Once the jewellery's quality is verified, packaging and shipping are also done by hand, at the studio, where the warehouse is also located.

Furthermore, the pewter is produced in our own art foundry, annexed to the studio. Our art casters master an artisan technique and integrate innovative processes to assure the highest quality possible of the pewter pieces uses in our jewellery.

Creating local jobs

The studio and the head office is where the team works to make Anne-Marie Chagnon's vision come to life. Conducted in Montreal, in the heart of the Mile-End, activities of research and development, sales and marketing, customer care and repairs, communications and relations with the community make the company stand out.

Twenty years ago, Anne-Marie Chagnon founded her business and chose to create, produce and assemble her jewellery in Montreal. All her jewellery is still created and crafted at her studio. This woman who follows her heart as well as her mind is proud of that choice.

Anne-Marie Chagnon : An Artistic Process

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