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All Terms and Conditions should be read and agreed to before opening an account or placing an order. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Anne-Marie Chagnon merchandise as well as images and content found on the website. Using this site or purchasing any item through the website constitutes your understanding and acceptance of the Anne-Marie Chagnon inc.’s Terms and Conditions along with your agreement to the Terms and Conditions. Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. holds the right to edit, change, delete, modify, revise, and/or update the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

Legal guarantee
The Civil Code of Quebec and the Consumer Protection Act provide legal guarantees relating in particular to hidden defects as well as the use of goods sold. These legal guarantees also apply to this sale.

Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. will not disclose, in any case, the personal information of our customers to any third party. We consider the information provided as highly confidential and we pledge to protect its confidentiality.

Accounts, registration and passwords
Any password or username that you may use to access the Anne-Marie Chagnon website is the sole responsibility of yourself and Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. takes no responsibility for your personal protection or security. You will be held liable for any and all direct or indirect damages for all of your activity conducted on the Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. website that can be linked or traced back to your username or password. It is your obligation to report any lost or stolen password or username for your account immediately to Anne-Marie Chagnon inc.

Resale of products
The Anne-Marie Chagnon website sells items to retail and business customers. Unless specifically identified as a business customer, the user is a retail customer. Retail customers are not authorized to purchase items from the website for the purpose of re-sale or export. Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. holds the right to deny access from the site and disable the account of any user that violates this provision immediately and without notice. Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. may also refuse to accept returns of any such items.

Trademarks and Copyright
All trademarks, logos and service marks (hereby stated as the “Trademarks”) displayed on the Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. website are the registered and/or unregistered Trademarks of Anne-Marie Chagnon inc. Nothing within the site or Terms and Conditions body grants you the right or any license to use any of the Trademarks displayed on our site without the direct written permission of Anne-Marie Chagnon.

All Trademarks, text, logos, graphics, images, video files, photos, site and application functionality, or any other digital media, along with the arrangement of the above stated on the site (Content) are subject to patent, copyright, trademark, and any other intellectual property protection. At no time does Anne-Marie Chagnon grant the permission to process or modify its content.

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