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This collection brings together the strength of union with the links of which it is composed, a gentle reminder to connect to the essential with the medallion flower, on which a pearl is placed, this grain of sand that has become a precious mother of pearl, a symbol of resilience. Together, they are Hope, carried by the flame of the eponymous candle, and personified by all those who carry this courage in them.

Jewellery of emotions and authenticity

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The Art of surprising

Multidisciplinary artist blessed with a bountiful imagination and trained at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM), Anne-Marie Chagnon explores materials instinctively. She invents, shapes and sculpts exclusive pieces, as actual as they are timeless. Her conviction: being your true self is remarkable.

Her creations gives off that energy which also emanates strongly from the women who wear them. For two decades, she has had the passion to create an original collection every year in order to prolong this privileged history of emotions and authenticity with materials and with women.

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