Collection 2023

Spring - Summer

The Spring-Summer 2023 collection

The Spring-Summer 2023 collection is the universe of multiple horizons, the mixture of travels and human discoveries. An eclectic mix that forms a unifying whole, becoming the pieces of the new collection.


Expression of our instinct. 

First of all these faces, which are all faces. 

The largest, which has eyes adorned with the word, the instinct meaning. Faithful representative of our founder impulse which is felt in each of us. An essential reminder: to be the expression of oneself, the starting point is one's instinct. It will help to keep the focus. 

And it is this word that adorns the second head. In an amused affront, she sticks out her tongue as a benevolent reminder. She personifies this essential principle: following our instinct and keep focus will guide us in the present time. 

And this pearly pearl, link of the collection, sits proudly on the facets of these faces, a faithful expression of our instinct. 

The color

Playing on subtlety with those tiny expressive colored grits, pyramids, glass rings and towering, directing spheres.

Chain mail

Intertwining of gold and silver circles, infinity within infinity. A real crush, mixing genres once again. 

The Links

Then, these other statement pieces of the collection: the links. One, is engraved with the words Focus and Instinct, like a mantra on this solid and unifying piece.  The other is lined with organic texture and binds to itself to form a fluid pewter chain. 

And a last one all smooth, completing this trio, sometimes interlaced with glass pieces, invigorating their union.

Pada Earrings
Spring - Summer


The collection

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