Nº25 Collection

Spring - Summer 2020


N°25 celebrates 25 years of artistry, passion, hard work and devotion; but most of all; it celebrates Anne-Marie’s ceaseless imagination, dedicated team and loyal customers.

This collection is infused with Anne-Marie’s past and present experiences, her love for travel, nature, humankind; and comes as a tribute to a quarter century of artistic growth and transformation. Reafirming her love for art and design through unique jewellery year after year, she thrives on showing the world her creative difference by conceiving unique and powerful handmade pieces meant to highlight every woman’s individuality.


This new collection features the familiar and the unknown; the casual and the extraordinary.

Anne-Marie Chagnon explores both her signature materials and techniques while introducing a new style and artistic path. Revealed primarily through organic form and materials, N°25’s aesthetic introduces new elements that garnish some of the collection’s most eye-gawking pieces. Faithful devotee to pewter and metallic materials, she chooses them once again as headliner.


Being your true self is remarkable!

“You don’t need to wear jewellery. You wear jewellery the way you carry a message. It’s a way of showing your difference. A way of being strong. For yourself first, then for others.”

– Anne-Marie Chagnon


2020 Spring - Summer

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